Weekly Skills

Weekly Skills: March 9-12

Reading Anchor Text: Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble

Weekly Skill: Understanding Characters

* The weekly skill will be modeled to the whole class using the anchor text on Mondays.It will then be addressed in guided reading groups using various texts at the students' respective BAS levels.

Language Arts
Forms of the verb BE (is, am, was, were, etc.)

Informational Writing - Pre-Assessment

List A - No spelling words this week

List B - No spelling words this week

* If a student scores 80% or higher on the phonics pretest (List A), then he/she will receive List B.

Math (Advanced)   

Solving Word Problems Involving Area

Social Studies

The Contributions of Jimmy Carter

* Reading and phonics assessments will be given every Friday unless otherwise stated.

** Math tests will occur at the end of each unit; quizzes will be given periodically throughout the unit.